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MainStream Nation - A Proud Partner of America Talks

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Once again this year, MainStream Nation partnered with America Talks, a project that matches thousands of Americans with those who have different backgrounds and beliefs from all corners of the country to connect face-to-face on video.  

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On April 26, MainStream Nation hosted a live conversation event co-sponsored by ActiVote as part of America Talk's National Week of Conversation:

"No Credible 3rd Party Candidates for 2024?

Look to the Media Produced 'By the People'”

  • An impartial conversation about the requirements for Commander-in-Chief that really matter.  

  • Discussion of the competition TV show now in development with episodes that will feature competency tests, rigorous leadership challenges, and other intense, entertaining ways to vet a candidate on the issues and their merit.  

  • What capabilities should our audience be looking for to ultimately choose a viable nonpartisan candidate to run in the next presidential election? 

  • People from across the ideological spectrum joined in a conversation that could shape MainStream Nation’s crowdsourced TV production mobile app and nationwide streaming programs!

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Click "Video Access" to Watch the Recorded Conversation!


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