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Share Your Solution

Many of us disagree with the conversation going on in the "mainstream media." This is our chance to do something about it.

MainStream Nation is developing tv shows like PRESIDENT-ELECT for a national audience on streaming services that are based on what our users want to see and talk about.

Do you know of a leader who would make a great candidate for President of the United States? You’re in the right place to share or “nominate” that leader as a contestant on President-Elect, the competition show where candidates compete in a series of challenges to prove to the audience who is the most capable to hold the highest office in the land.

What are the issues you think politicians should be focused on in this competition to properly represent and serve the American people? Do you have an idea, or even a direction, which can make a difference? Being able to post it on the MainStream Nation will allow you to share it with a community of other users!

Do you have an idea for a new show concept that we don’t already have in development? You can contact us directly to let us know or share it with the community by submitting it when the MainStream Nation app is available.

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Posted ideas will be visible to the rest of the community, who can give their rating. The highest-rated candidates, issues, and ideas on MainStream Nation will then be featured on shows like President-Elect or on new shows that the community tells us it wants to see.

Who will win our competition show and become the next “President-Elect?” What issues will those contestants be challenged to address? What new shows will be developed by MainStream Nation?  
The audience decides as they vote for their choices!

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Rate & Review Solutions

Even if you don't have an idea of your own you would like to post, you can be a part of making media history just by reviewing and rating your fellow users’ posts and ideas.

  • Rate a Post by using the community voting tool offered to you in the campaign, giving each one you review a 1-5 star rating.

  • Share the Post by using MainStream Nation’s social media share tool as you review the post.

  • Subscribe to the Post so you can receive updates if the author edits it while the topic is still open for rating.


Your contribution will make an impact, and our sponsors will offer you hundreds of dollars in rewards that you can take advantage of as you earn points for each post and rating you submit. You’ll be collecting badges based on the number of points you earn and get greater rewards with each badge level!


Be One of the Nation’s Producers

Once MainStream Nation’s community of users has used their ratings to identify a top tier of posts for a topic, you can be a part of the process as we take our projects into pre-production.

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At many points in the production of the show, our users will have opportunities to make their influence felt using tools such as evaluation forms, score card rating, token voting, idea tournaments, and more.


Together with the production partners who will be casting and shooting our shows, you can be part of shaping a media narrative that better represents the reality of the real “mainstream” - the American people!


Organize to Fix America

All of the projects in development at MainStream Nation are intended to make an impact. If there are candidates, ideas, issues, or shows posted on the Nation that you think will move our country in the right direction, there are a few ways that you can maximize their impact.

  • Social Media - When the MainStream Nation app is available, any post can be easily shared on your social media feeds, giving that idea the chance to get exponentially greater visibility and awareness to a growing audience.

  • Public Officials - You will be able to send your elected representatives links to posts that feature issues and real-world solutions you think they should be fighting for and encourage others in your community or circle of influence to do the same.

  • Direct Action - Whether or not you have ever joined with other citizens in response to an issue, the posts on MainStream Nation will provide a chance to organize around a real answer to problems that face our nation.

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