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As a citizen and civic reform leader who is striving to effect needed changes in our government, you can add your voice to the conversation as MainStream Nation launches a platform where registered voters can tell media pioneers with a national audience what they want to see and hear about the urgent issues facing our nation.

Shows in Development

MainStream Nation is proud to partner with the following providers, sponsors, and organizations:

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Your organization can also have an impact on the our "Production by Demand" development model we have designed to produce only the shows and cover only the issues that our viewers want to see.

The content on our platform will be promoted to tens of thousands of users as well as some of the most influential figures in media today.

Make your voice and messaging heard on the MainStream Nation platform.  Consider posting content based on your reform objectives for rating by registered voters who are looking for real-world, common-sense solutions to the issues that we face as a nation.

You will be able to support your mission by posting ideas for many elements of our shows:

  • Episode topics or challenges

  • Policy positions or “platform planks”

  • Candidate/contestant nominations

  • Questions for candidate competency test

  • Recommendations for expert commentators or challenge judges

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