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Contestants chosen by our audience compete in a series of grueling challenges to earn viewers' vote for the most viable candidate to become the next President of the United States of America.


How Does the Competition Work?

  • 12 people are chosen by users of the MainStream Nation app to compete as contestants on President-Elect and face challenges designed to test their fitness for the nation’s highest elected office.

  • Each week, the audience uses the app to eliminate contestants and the last one standing wins the support of the app’s voter base and the national recognition needed to run a winning campaign.  


Could the Winner Run for President?

  • The show’s reach will expand in proportion to its impact on the political media landscape. Candidates will gain visibility and momentum that can carry over to the coverage of the general election following the season finale.

  • The winner of President-Elect may enjoy the kind of brand awareness and earned media experienced by non-establishment candidates in recent presidential elections as voters consider their ability to run a viable campaign for president without the support of any established political party.

What Will I See on the Show?

  • This fast-paced primary packs more drama and substance into one season than is found in most 4-year election cycles as viewers follow their favorite candidates face tough competition.

  • Challenges involving high-risk military decision-making, economic vision, diplomatic skill, knowledge of governance, and political instinct.


How Does the App Work with the Show?

  • The world-class team of developers behind the MainStream Nation app is providing the functionality to build and support the show’s audience.  

  • Leveraging this next-generation technology, the show is positioned to attract a broad audience seeking common-sense solutions to political division.

  • Like all shows in MainStream Nation’s slate of programming, President-Elect works with the app to foster a partisan-neutral, ideologically diverse culture of conversation, deliberation, and political organization.

Series 1: Episode List

Episode 1: "We the People"

Contestants introduce themselves to the American People, revealing the core philosophies and strengths that would set the tone of their presidency. 

Episode 2: Pass or Fail

After they introduce themselves to the American People, each candidate faces a competency test -- and a lie detector test -- to complete their requirements to enter the competition. 

Episode 3: One-Issue Candidates

Contestants choose one issue as a focus for a concise but comprehensive speech on their position and their plan to address it.

Episode 4: America’s Town Hall

Groups of voters from all over the nation ask the tough questions that rarely make it to traditional televised Q & A’s with presidential candidates.

Episode 5: The Situation Room

A panel of military experts and veterans drill contestants with historical and hypothetical questions testing for the judgment needed as Commander-in-Chief.

Episode 6: Constructive Criticism -

The candidates meet their highest-rated critics from the MainStream app platform and a panel of pundits judge how well they fielded their questions.

Episode 7: The Press Corps

Candidates will answer hard-hitting questions from former seasoned members of the White House press corps.

Episode 8: It’s the Economy...

Each candidate gives a comprehensive presentation of their economic plans for the nation that rewards real-life solutions over superficial rhetoric.

Episode 9: The Stump Speech

Contestants give a preview of the speech they will give every time they appear in public during the heat of the general election.

Episode 10: Leading the Free World -

Contestants meet with heads of state or advisors from other countries to discuss sensitive international issues.

Episode 11: State of the Union -

Viewers will have reached consensus on the key issues and solutions they want their President to focus on.  Candidates discuss how they intend to deliver. 

Episode 12: The Great Debate

The last episode will feature a true battle royale where the two contestants left standing will debate their differences on policy and purpose in a format designed to outperform all debates that have gone before. 

Episode 13: Season Finale

The final votes are in. The results will be announced in a larger than life finale episode that features live performances and special appearances.

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