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Right now, there is an opportunity to create and secure a segment of the political media market that demands real-world, nonpartisan programming.

MainStream Nation is developing projects and content to meet that demand with the help of our strategic partners and the engagement of registered voters who will use our app to shape our shows.  We are actively seeking co-production partners to take our projects from development to production. 

Politician with Supporters
  • MainStream Nation has 5 unscripted projects in development, all in the unscripted genre:  2 in the arced competition format, 2 self-contained, and 1 talk show.

  • These projects are all designed to feature and source content from engagement with users of the MainStream Nation platform who are also registered voters to maximize the impact and accessibility of our shows.

  • Users will be actively engaged in submitting and rating ideas for new shows that will fit into the nonpartisan political media franchise of streaming projects that we are developing.  

  • As originators and co-producers, we are following a model in which our concepts, data, and audience-generated content are matched with top production talent to present a source of entertainment and information that is as impactful and profitable as those that serve consumers on one side of the market’s existing ideological divide.  

  • If you are a media producer, distributor, artist, agent, or financier interested in participating in any of our projects, we would like to discuss our progress with you and answer your questions.

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