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Speak out and be a part of producing television and content that shifts our nation’s political narrative towards what is important to you and away from what politicians, parties, media outlets, and donors want to create.


Get ready for some of the most intense and impactful entertainment you have ever seen!  Whether you are into politics or not, you will find that the drama, emotion, inspiration, and hope of our shows make them must-see, real-world tv!  The best part?  You can be one of the shows' producers...just by making your voice heard on the MainStream Nation app! 

Check Out All of the Projects We Have in Development!

Shows in Development


A much-needed breath of fresh air in the nation’s most-watched political battleground! Watch the people’s top choices for outsider presidential candidates go all-out to prove themselves as leaders in tougher challenges than any candidate has faced in old-school campaigning. Who will be the most vetted and popular candidate among real voters outside of Washington?  Be there and be part of a new chapter in American history! 


Watch as shouts of “There ought to be a law!” and “There’s too much red tape!” are heard and acted on in communities across the nation. Every episode puts a small town or city in the spotlight and features a hometown celebrity and panel of experts who know that “all politics is local” as they work with residents in conflict over real-world issues to help them make or break regulations in the place they call home.

Talk Show Audience


With the help of experts and hard facts, teams of everyday Americans with opposing political views commit to work with each other and overcome their distrust and disagreements.


The teams compete to create breakthrough proposals for policies to solve the nation’s toughest problems and lawmakers engage to find ways to implement those solutions.

A young woman talking on the radio


Our nation’s white-hot controversies over incidents and systems involving race get a reality check from people on every side of the issue.  


Our show dives into the drama and makes these painful but necessary conversations as hopeful and productive as they are difficult.

Father and Son


Everyone’s holiday dinner table nightmare is someone’s everyday reality as our country keeps breaking further apart over their opinions and identity, one relationship at a time.  


Experience the tears, laughter, and hope as couples, friends, and families face each other’s truth and humanity and come back together with help from MainStream Nation’s users, viewers, and experts.  

US Flag


The shows produced by MainStream nation have one thing in common.  It's something we call, "PRODUCTION BY DEMAND."  That means that we only want to produce the shows and cover the issues that our viewers want to see.

Have an idea for a show you want to see that could change the narrative in the "mainstream media?" Find out how to get on the MainStream App and tell us what it is, or rate other users' ideas.  The highest-rated shows are the projects we're going to focus on for our next productions!

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