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If you are running for elected office at the national level or working to secure the support of your constituents, Mainstream Nation will provide you with a unique insight into what is most important to the American people by participating with them in creating their own media narrative.


Given the influence of media narratives and polling in political success, candidates should be ready to leverage the narratives and preferences formed by registered voters who are engaged in producing new media programming outside of a partisan context.

A Real Alternative Channel

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  • "Mainstream media" producers present content that they think will resonate with an audience with the demographics they have connected with, usually with an identifiable partisan ideology.

  • MainStream Nation programming begins with an identifiable audience and demographic viewer profile that demands specific content on a range of issues most important to them.

  • Our shows will afford both media producers and political operatives with an unprecedented opportunity to respond to voter opinion with a form of proactive polling where voters pose the priorities and definition of their own concerns then rate each other’s best solutions.


  • As a public servant or candidate, we encourage you to stay apprised of the expressed consensus of an active and engaged segment of your constituency.  As a fellow voter, you can also put forward solutions for those constituents to review and rate.

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