Drawing on a Board


We are now inviting national and regional sponsors to take advantage of a unique short-term opportunity to participate in low-cost, high-visibility engagement campaigns (with a user incentive rewards program) that we are about to launch as part of the production of our streaming content.

  • The market for MainStream Nation’s programming consists of a cross-section from millions of users who consume cable news, digital political content such as social media & podcasts.  

  • Our shows are designed to provide a fresh alternative to the “mainstream media” for the majority of these consumers who do not identify with a political party whether they lean to the right or the left. 

  • Unscripted or reality TV shows generate billions of minutes of viewing each year, making them some of the most watched programs across the entire digital media market.

  • Each of the highest-rated unscripted shows is a competition show and draws a larger audience than all primetime cable news shows combined.

  • MainStream Nation's first project, President-Elect, combines and transcends the competition and cable news formats, creating a more entertaining (and potentially more impactful) property than the presidential debates, which consistently draw audiences of between 65-80 million viewers. 

  • The content and direction of MainStream Nation shows depend on the engagement of our users, who are registered voters actively participating in the development and production of these shows.

  • During this phase of development, sponsors will enjoy solid value for their minimal sponsorship, and a potential windfall of sponsoring a campaign tied to a project that is green-lit for national distribution or goes viral on social media.

  • Sponsors can also take advantage of the Rewards Program we have created so that engaged users can earn points to use in purchases from the brands we partner with.